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Takeout & Delivery in Torrance

A Commitment to Our Craft

At bobaHi we use locally sourced ingredients like dairy and fresh fruits. We make it into purée in our smoothies, slushes and fruit tea. All drinks are hand crafted, made-to-order. Our boba and tea are cooked in small batches every few hours to ensure high quality of taste and flavor. You can customize drinks with sweetness level adjustment and milk alternative as well as adding popular toppings—so you can add boba in whatever you choose, including smoothies, slushes, coffees, milk teas, fruit tea and yogurt drink.

We work with tea farm in the far East to create a special blend of loose fragrant tea leaves for black tea and jasmine green tea that offer finest quality and unique fragrance that blends exceptionally well with our drinks.
Come cool off, and relax with your friends! Both indoor and outdoor seating is available, with free Wi-Fi.
The bobaHi Team

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Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it, our happy customers can speak for themselves!

“Went today for the Grand opening. The staff was extremely friendly and the drinks were awesome. They were crafted so nicely they were almost too nice to drink. See the photo attached for daily special through May 2nd 2022 your favorite drink and or drinks are guaranteed to be discounted one day during the week. They also have an amazing weekend special! Take advantage before these deals are gone!!!!!!”

Neil N
Google Review

“BobaHi is one of the best boba place that I have been to!!!!!!! Their sweetness level is on point and colors are beautiful! Boba place is not just for its taste but it’s vibe too. Super chillaxing and dope interior design really welcomes you to drink their beverage and chill 🙂 Let’s gooooooooo”

Sun K
Google Review

“Went during grand opening, 50% off. There was a long line, but the staff was very fast and efficient, and the boba was amazing, worth the wait. The king brulee is #1 choice for a reason. I would definitely go back to try different boba flavors.”

Junpeng W
Google Review

“This place is so good! Lots of frozen milk tea flavors and delicious boba. I’m glad I found it & will definitely coming by frequently throughout the summer for a sweet, cold treat. A great place to grab something nice & go, or hang out for a bit if you catch it uncrowded. They’re so good, though—they tend to be busy. Looking forward to trying more of the menu.”

Molly M
Google Review